The base technology is a new method for the prevention and treatment of the spine by restoring the intervertebral discs by stretching along the line of natural curvature, including special conditions for microvibration and heat exposure.

The device manipulation on the person lying on it is carried by profiled support surface, which provides a dosage traction with anatomically correct shape and degree of the spine curvature.

This surface consists of transverse ribs placed on longitudinally streched tapes, which moving towards the head (above the lumbus) and towards the legs (lower the lumbus) by reaction with a lay person. Besides of that, the support surface forms a movable headrest with neck protuberance and a movable support platform for the lower legs. This movement transferred through the skin, muscle and connective tissue to a backbone, providing its longitudinal extension.

Spinal traction is enhanced by moving the headrest with neck protuberance under the weight of the head (in the direction from the waist to the head), and the movement of the legs under the weight of the support site for the calves of the legs (in the opposite direction from the waist).

An important advantage of this design is that the traction is carried out in the mutual position of vertebrae, which corresponded the needed, the most appropriate, the curvature of the spine. It is in this case the tensile forces acting along the natural curvature of the spine. Therefore, between each pair
of vertebrae there is no bending stresses generated within each of the intervertebral disc bodies arises from uneven zones, especially pressurized.
Another important advantage of this method is that the traction is performed uniformly along the spine along its length. In this case, the areas with insufficient or too much traction did not created. In the devices with forced traction such zones can occur due to the resistance of musculo-ligamentous apparatus.

The couch design allows adjustment its supporting surface in such manner which maximally corresponds to the curvature of any person body according to his individual anthropometric parameters. Step installation along the edges of the couch, and a variable weight distribution corresponds to a man his size. As a result, the pressure on the human body lying on the supporting surface of the couch is uniform and small.

The correct adjustment of couch supporting surface provides a combination of anatomically reasonable self-supported form of the spine, low specific pressure on the body from below and uniform conservative tension. All this leads to the fact that the patient fells the comfort of his position on the couch and contributes to the reflex relaxation of dorsal paravertebral muscles. This ensures high efficiency of prevention and treatment at a very conservative dosage tension and eliminates the possibility of the spine injury during the procedure.

The supporting surface formed by the ribs has the property of breathability. This allows the efficient transfer of thermal effects from the heat source, placed under the supporting surface of the couch, to the human body.

Transverse ribs forming a supporting surface, have the ability to effectively transmit the vibration impact from the vibration source placed under the supporting surface, to the human body. To provide the required level of vibration to the patient, the power of the vibration system required to be minimal.

All of this together creates a unique environment for the restoration of intervertebral discs, all structures of spine and prevents any injuries during the procedure.