Limited Liability Company “Practical Biomechanics” ("ProBioMech" LLC) was founded in 2016 by specialists and partners of  MBP-Center LLC (Сenter of medical and biomechanical projects Limited Liability company).

The company is implementing the project "Complex for treatment the spine diseases and innervation-dependent organs using method of gravitational traction with a 3-dimensional controlled vibration system" within the framework of direction "Medical and therapeutical devices and biomaterials" in the  Skolkovo Foundation's (Biomedical Cluster).

The project is based on the autogravity traction method, the development and research of which began in 1989 at the Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine. Studies of the first sample of the device showed high efficiency and the need to continue work.

History reference:
In 1989, test pilot Anatoly Kvochur restored the spine after an unsuccessful ejection from an aircraft. As a result of a strong blow, the spine was reduced by several centimeters. In the autumn of 1989, he was able to perform in demonstration performances on a supersonic fighter.

In the mid-90s, as a result of experimental studies, a new method for the prevention and treatment of the spine was developed by restoring intervertebral disks by stretching along the natural curvature of the spine, with the support of its physiological curvature, special conditions of microvibration and heat exposure. The novelty of this method lies in the fact that for hardware extension of the spine not compulsory force action is used through all sorts of belt systems fixed on the human body, but its own weight is normal and free-lying person.

The purpose of the current project:
  • The introduction of new highly effective methods and hardware for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the spine.
  • Creation of various modifications of the complex for use in medical practice.
  • Creating a new direction - an independent increase in the level of health with the use of the proposed devices.
  • Creation of information and methodological support.
  • Creating a full-fledged pilot production.

The developed complex is focused on widespread use in almost any sphere: medical facilities (polyclinics, hospitals, medical centers, orthopedic centers, medical and diagnostic centers, etc.), sports facilities (sports centers, athletic training centers, fitness centers), rehabilitation centers, sanitary and resort institutions, educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities).