Gravislayder-compact 2

Gravislayder-compact 2

Gravlislayder-compact 2 (Gravlislayder mini-3 "compact") is an improved version of the first Gravislayder-compact.

The device is equipped with an improved headrest. This new headrest allows you to fix the head well, thereby allowing you to more effectively stretch the spine.

Using the device has become much easier, allowing you to use it without training.

The principle of the device is the stretching of the spine along the line of its natural curvature with the support of the physiological curves of the back. The mutual position of the vertebrae in this case ensures the state of the intervertebral discs without oblique and flexural loads. The muscles and ligaments of the back and neck can be in the most relaxed state, do not interfere with the stretching of the spine and provide the best conditions for the activation of metabolic processes in the spine, zonal and general blood circulation.

Gravislayder compact 2 acts on the entire length of the spine, but its feature is the accented effect on the cervical and upper thoracic spine. The use of the leg support unit aligns the stretching efforts along the entire length of the spine.