PBM-1 gravitational traction device

PBM-1 gravitational traction device

Spinal traction device, created within the framework of the project "Complex for the treatment of diseases of the spine and innervation-dependent organs by the method of gravitational traction with a 3-dimensional controlled vibration system" in the Skolkovo Foundation's biomedical cluster.

The device traction gravitational PBM-1 is a new highly effective device for the prevention and treatment of degenerative-dystrophic diseases of the spinal column.

The device implements one of the main methods of preventing and treating diseases of the spinal column - restoring and maintaining the necessary elasticity of intervertebral discs, restoring their size, ensuring their nutrition, supplying blood to the resorption of infiltrates and excess salts, creating conditions for healing cracks. This method is implemented with properly dosed slow spinal distension. A prerequisite for the implementation of the method is the anatomically correct shape and degree of curvature of the spine for each person in the process of stretching. Strengthening the preventive and therapeutic effects is achieved through moderate three-dimensional vibration and heat. 

Medico-technical properties of devices allow and make expedient their application in the widest range of operating conditions: 

  • kindergartens, schools, universities, 
  • facilities for the disabled, nursing homes, 
  • spa facilities, 
  • children's and adult clinics and hospitals, other institutions of the Ministry of Health, 
  • medicine of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Internal Affairs, 
  • professional sport fitness complexes, 
  • beauty and health centers, 
  • commercial medicine 
  • personal use by citizens at home, on trips, on vacation, 
  • application in work collectives (in workplaces). 

Device configuration: 

  • Device Assembly 
  • The power supply unit of the three-dimensional vibration system. Connection - 220 volts, adjustment modes at the output: 3-10 volts 
  • Flexible heater based on ceramic elements with transformer 220 - 12 volts 
  • Heater extension 
  • Foot grips 
  • Manual